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Ethylene vinyl Acetate-EVA

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate-Eva

Ethylene-vinyl acetate is a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate.  The content varies in three different types of EVA copolymer material can be either a film, a rubber-like structure, or a foam depending on the amount of vinyl acetate added. Industries most widely use EVA made with 10-40% vinyl acetate.  It is a copolymer resin that is used for its lightweight and excellent foamability performance. The material is used in the footwear, sports, and leisure applications. The material also is used as a sealant solution in packaging due to its flexibility and low temperature resistance.

Most of us generally take for granted the innumerable uses and applications of VA foam, which is extremely versatile. EVA foam can be found in all types of appliances, automotive, building, marine, electronics, healthcare, packaging, sports, leisure, recreation, and footwear.


EVA serves as a competitive alternative to rubber and vinyl in various electrical applications. It imparts the “clinginess” to plastic wrap. EVA emulsions are formulated into adhesives for applications such as packaging, bookbinding, bonding plastic films, metal surfaces, and coated papers. When combined with wax and resin additives, EVA creates hot-melt adhesives, hot glue sticks, and high-quality soccer cleats. Additionally, EVA craft foam sheets are utilized in the production of foam stickers for children.

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